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At 1 on 1 Ultimate Fitness, we feel setting goals, tracking progress and celebrating successes along the way are key elements to any successful fitness program.

Once you are involved with one of our programs, whether it is Strength Training, Diet/Nutrition Planning, Weight-loss, or one of our customized programs, designed especially for you to achieve your fitness goals, you can be sure we will monitor your progress & keep you motivated!

We will work with you in setting short and long-term achievable goals, and keep you on-track with your fitness goals by providing you with the right tools to help you realize your objectives. Tools may include some combination of exercise and food logs as well as motivational journals. As you see your progress on paper and in regularly scheduled photos, your motivation and confidence will grow right along with your successes.

We will assess your initial fitness and your progress along the way by evaluating the following factors:

  • Initial fitness and baseline
  • Body measurements, which are re-evaluated at regular intervals - usually every 8-10 weeks
  • Provide continuous feedback and motivation during each client's experience with our 1 on 1 Ultimate Fitness coaches

Through our initial evaluation, our goal-setting process and our attentive approach to monitoring each client's individual progress, you can be confident you'll achieve your personal success!


Small steps
to big success!
- Kimberly Garrison