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Planning Your Pregnancy Fitness Program...

Call Kimberly to plan your pregnancy fitness program and learn how to safely prepare your body for all stages of the process from pre-pregnancy through your term and even after your baby is born. It is important to stay in shape during all stages of your pregnancy in order to set the healthiest conditions for your child and you, and facilitate a healthy return to your pre-pregnancy fitness levels.

One in six—that’s how many pregnant women exercise at recommended levels, according to a study conducted by Saint Louis University School of Public Health.  Many women are afraid to exercise during pregnancy for fear of doing harm to their babies. But not exercising is by far the real problem.

Let Kimberly custom design a safe and effective prenatal workout program for you.  Be a fit-mama by staying fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy. The added benefits include an increase to your self-confidence, you'll feel better and more energized and research shows that women who maintain a fitness program during their pregnancies, bounce back to their "pre-pregnancy" shape with greater ease and in less time.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that pregnant women who are free of medical or obstetric complications, exercise moderately for a minimum of 30 minutes most days of the week. If you are pregnant, be sure to check with your physician before beginning or continuing any exercise routine.

Contact us. We'll guide you through safe and gentle exercise routines designed around your changing physique and special needs.

Pre-Pregnancy Fitness

The pre-pregnancy fitness program and customized diet work together hand-in-hand to help prospective mom’s get their bodies and their minds in the best shape possible to achieve pregnancy.  Ideally, one of the best things you can do for you and your baby is to get in shape before you conceive.
That’s right, shape up, slim down, and get your core strong before you get pregnant.
The Pre-pregnancy Fitness program encompasses the six components of The Garrison Method, while making adjustments for each client’s fitness levels and nutritional needs. Optimally it is approached after completing a detailed health and fitness assessment. In most cases, cardio, core-fitness and flexibility are prioritized, and additional coaching is involved providing information on skincare to help reduce stretch marks and help make the skin and muscle-tone as well prepared as possible to help the prospective mother be in the best shape possible to conceive.

A Fit Pregnancy Takes Planning

The test result is positive, and you've been told that your family will have a new addition. At this point in your life, do you want a sedentary lifestyle to affect you and your baby's futures?

You can choose to be fit and healthy during your pregnancy and the results will benefit both you AND your baby.  Current research shows that women who continue to exercise regularly throughout their pregnancies...

  • Are less likely to need critical medical intervention during labor and delivery
  • Gain less fat
  • Heal more quickly

Furthermore, you'll need the increased stamina, energy and stress-relief that comes with consistent exercise in order to handle the physical and emotional demands that come with your new bundle of joy. Finally, by establishing and maintaining a healthy, wellness-oriented and active lifestyle for you and your family, you are more likely to establish a pattern of wellness that will take you into your later years and help your children live a healthier more active lifestyle from the start.

Post-Pregnancy Fitness

Despite what your favorite pregnant celebrity has done, it takes time and effort to get your body back into shape after having a child. Most celebrities have incentives to get their great physiques back after having children… and they have resources including daily trainers, nutritionists, personal assistants and sometimes even physicians to help make sure they have visible results quickly – in time for their next movie or TV role, or personal appearance. It all sounds very nice; however, this quick-results approach has long term consequences to health and can have serious impact on your body.

The time tested way takes dedication and work. With the help of experienced wellness coach Kimberly Garrison, you will be able to work out a plan and program that fits your life and will lead to achieving your fitness goals. And since once your baby is here, demands on your schedule for time, nutrition and even sleep will change, making a plan that starts with a customized program, using small steps to achieve big success will be your best way to go.

Contact Kimberly for more information on each stage of her Pregnancy Fitness Program and how The Garrison Method can be customized to help you regain your best fitness ever.

Fit Pregnancy

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