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Sure, you can lose weight rapidly with commercial weight loss programs. Have you ever considered what you're really losing? You're mostly losing your lean tissue (muscle) and water, which is the tragedy of these types of programs, because muscle is the location where fat is burned. In addition to making your body work more efficiently, muscle also gets the credit for creating shape and beauty.

So, the evidence is clear. No crash or fad dieting.

Learn how to eat healthy on the run; learn how to cook tasty and healthy meals; and, learn how to shop in the super market. A healthy, nutritionally balanced eating plan will give you the energy your busy life demands and put more life in your years.

Remember, there are no quick fixes. There are no magic pills. Sensible eating is the key. According to the American Heart Association, consumers need to be aware of the dangers of high protein diets. The AHA reviewed five of the most popular high protein diets. The AHA concluded that although these diets may promote quick weight loss, at least temporarily, the long-term consequence of eating a diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol is an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Heart disease (a preventable disease) is the number one killer of Americans. The latest research says about 80% of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes is preventable.  We have the tools and you can live a vibrant, happy, and healthy life well into your golden years and beyond.


Nutritional Training Boot Camp

Nutritional education and training are key to successful fitness and wellness programs. No matter what your fitness goals are, most likely your daily intake of calories, what you’re eating, when you’re eating and how much/how often you’re eating will all play a huge part in your ability to achieve your goals and maintain them in the long run.

In our America, many of us were raised not knowing much about how to build good eating habits, how to shop for the foods that will contribute to an healthier lifestyle, and in many cases, we haven’t learned the basics of food selection, balanced meal planning and preparation.

Most important to remember is that “Healthy Nutrition” does not equate to “Diet.” Our culture, the infomercials and food companies have trained us with some seriously bad habits, which are perpetuated through our dining-out and take-home restaurant options, and it’s time for us to take back control and learn how to make educated nutritious choices no matter what the mealtime or location.

Through years of hands-on training and coaching, Kimberly has learned valuable information that is key towards putting together a balanced nutrition plan and the skills and techniques to make your plan a way of life for you and your loved-ones. As a student in Kimberly’s Nutritional Training Boot Camp, you’ll learn the basics of designing a nutritional plan that fits your life and your needs. You’ll learn how to shop and prepare home-made menus to support your fitness goals and you will learn the techniques to make good food choices when at parties, or eating at restaurants of any type in order to create sustainable life-long changes to how you think about and use food in your life.


Kimberly’s Nutritional Training Boot Camp Program includes:

  • Nutrition Basics
  • Supermarket Tour
  • Navigating Restaurant Menu
  • Refrigerator Make Over
  • In The Kitchen with Kimberly – Cooking 101


Supermarket Shopping Tour

Confused about what to buy in the supermarket?  Confused by food labels?

Kimberly’s Supermarket Tour has the answers.  Once and for all, learn the secrets to healthy eating at your supermarket.  Whether your a whole foods enthusiast or a conventional supermarket shopper, Kimberly has the answers.  You'll learn how to:

  • Discover the best (and worst!) foods in your supermarket
  • Decipher deceptive food labels (even in the health food stores)
  • Discover the 5 key ingredients
  • Avoid the most common supermarket mistakes

Good food is not cheap, and cheap food is not good.


Navigating Restaurant Menu

Do you skip breakfast, only to find yourself ravenous at lunch?  Or do you constantly grab something and eat on the run?  Are you stuck in endless meetings surrounded by coffee, donuts, and other “forbidden foods”?  Are you going from one client lunch and dinner meeting.  Confused about what to eat at your favorite restaurants?  Kimberly will help you navigate through the restaurant  land-mines and help you to finally eat out with peace and enjoyment without expanding your waistline.  

  • Discover the best (and worst!) restaurant foods
  • Decipher deceptive restaurant dishes
  • Avoid the most common restaurant mistakes
  • Learn how to have it your way


Refrigerator Make Over

The key to a thinner waist resides in your refrigerator.  Kimberly will personally come over and do a makeover over on your refrigerator.  My refrigerator makeover will get to the bottom of your unhealthy eating habits.  

You'll learn:

  • The Best Foods to keep in your refrigerator
  • The Worst Foods to keep in your refrigerator
  • How to stock your pantry
  • The top 5 foods never to be without

Like most, you have probably tried a variety of diets, and failed.  98% of dieters fail because the emphasis is on will power, deprivation and denial.  But, the solution is to have practical plans that you can use for a lifetime.   Kimberly’s plan considers your individuality and helps you to figure out what works best for you.  


In The Kitchen with Kimberly – Cooking 101

(Cooking from the heart & soul… FOR your heart & soul!) 

If you are clueless about cooking, Kimberly’s Cooking 101 is just the service you need to get on the healthy track.  Learn practical cooking tips and techniques that will last a life time.   From conventional, vegan, to raw - Kimberly can show you how to prepare delicious and nutritious foods that will satisfy the most discriminating palate.  You’ll learn:

  • How to master the 20 minute meals
  • Portion Control
  • How to prepare a weeks worth of delicious and nutritious meals
  • Healthy snacks the kids will love
  • Healthy hungry man options (good for the heart and soul too)


Contact Kimberly for your nutritional assessment and for more information on the Nutritional Training Boot Camp.

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