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The Garrison Method employs a six-prong approach for women to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. These six components are equally important ingredients that result in long term benefits of overall wellness and a balanced, healthier life.
The six components of the Garrison Method are:

  • Strength Training
  • Cardiovascular and endurance Training
  • Nutrition Education and Behavior Modification
  • Flexibility Enhancement
  • Core Building and Balance
  • Learning to Love One’s Self

 The Garrison Method
The most essential concept of The Garrison Method, and the element that ties it all together and enhances the other components is "Love Yourself!" By helping women embrace their most positive attributes while simultaneously working to enhance and refine their physical bodies and heal their souls. This is achieved through working with them to find new ways to love themselves to counter-act what has usually been a lifetime of poor self-image and self-worth.
Though all six of these components play a part in maximizing the effect of the Garrison Method for each of her clients, Kimberly understands that each person is an individual and so “The Method” is customized towards helping each client achieve their particular short and long term fitness and wellness goals.

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