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Philadelphia Inquirer
Sunday, June 10, 2001
250,000 people will die this year due to the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.*

Q. Why should I do strength training?
Strength training prevents muscle loss. Without exercise, the average person over age 25 loses about a half pound of muscle per year, leading to a slower metabolism and increased body fat.

Q. How do I increase my metabolism?

The more muscle you have the more you increase your metabolism. A pound of muscle takes up a third the space as a pound of fat, yet burns an extra 45-50 calories per day. A pound of fat burns 1 calorie per day. Imagine replacing 10 pounds of fat with 10 pounds of muscle!

Q. How do I get rid of the fat around my waist?

To get rid of the fat around your abdominal area, and any place else, requires consistent cardiovascular workouts in your target heart zone.

Q. What about disease prevention?
It has been medically and scientifically proven that exercise reduces the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Q. So what are the consequences of not exercising?

  • Lack of physical activity is a major risk factor of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke.
  • 250,000 people will die this year due to the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.*
  • 60+ % of adults do not exercise the recommended 30 minutes daily and 25% of all adults are completely inactive.

* "Get in on the Action," American Heart Association, 1997

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